Some Crystal Coast Water Magic

If you have ever wanted to fall in love with a place, try visiting the Crystal Coast.  Our waters can be bewitching especially if you take the time to visit some local favorites.

Click this link, Crystal Coast Magic,  for more information or the picture of the marshes behind Bear Island.

The Marshes Behind Bear Island
The Marshes Behind Bear Island


A Quick Boat Ride Into The Marshes

Boating the week of the Fourth of July is a tradition on the Crystal Coast, but sometimes the tides and winds don’t cooperate. I produced this video for my friends who need a little taste of the water to keep them going.   This video was taken as I crossed the Intracoastal Waterway and traveled back into the marshes by way to the channel that runs behind Huggins Island.  You can see the area of the trip in the loop on this map.  It is an exceptionally beautiful area where I always see some Great Egrets.