Curious as to how North Carolina has changed?

Trees in Edenton, NC
Trees in Edenton, NC

There is more to all the changes in North Carolina than just the transition from tobacco fields to cities.

There have been huge changes over the last 50+ years, and  one well traveled native presents his thoughts in a short book.  Click the link or the picture to explore the book

Our new book, 100 Pictures, 1000 Words, A Crystal Coast Year



If the cold weather is getting you down, try spending some time with 100 of my favorite images of North Carolina’s Crystal Coast.  It is much harder than you think to come up with the best images of such a scenic area.  That is specially true when you take over 40,000 pictures a year.  Click this link or the image of the cover to sample our book.  It is a Kindle book, but as this page explains, Kindle reader software works on anything.

Memories are like small towns along a highway

Looking back on our lives can be a valuable experience.
In some ways, memories are like small towns along a highway. You’re in the dark until all of sudden, you round a corner onto Main Street, where the memories are waiting for you like the inviting lights in a late-night diner.

For more click the link or the picture #TheRoadToMyCountry

Beautiful Beach Waters Near Emerald Isle, NC
Beautiful Beach Waters Near Emerald Isle, NC

Our Fifth Book Is Almost Here- “A Journey To My Country”

This passage sets the stage.

It’s often late at night on a dark country road when people and places, both remembered and imagined, become the sparks that light the memory defining our lives.

As my wife and I glide through the black night on Union Cross Church Road, we cross a small creek, and it hits me. I see the long-gone millpond, the house with five fireplaces, and the mill itself. I see the shadows of three young girls, my mother and her two sisters, picking beans in their garden. Next, I remember the place as it was when I was young, an old, crumbling concrete dam with trees growing in the former millpond.

The memory fades as fast as it comes, and the dark road continues on into the night.

There is more information about our upcoming book at my View from the Mountain site.

The White Oak River in my country
The White Oak River in my country