Not Everything Hides Well in the Inlet

September 3, 2016

Raymond’s Gut with White Oak River in the distance

The Inlet is a good place to hide from winter or storm, but trying to hide mismanagement of our HOA will likely be unsuccessful.

Watching the water

September 3, 2016

Just entering White Oak River from Raymond’s Gut

Hermine did not slip by unnoticed, but we only got 4.5 inches of rain and some 10-20 MPH winds.  Now we can watch the waters calm back down.  Read more…..

The Warm Embrace of Late Summer 2016

August 7, 2016


Late summer means we are working our way through the heat and towards the best beach time of the year, Fall.

Relentless Criticism

August 1, 2016

Never Ending Waves

It is easy to jump on the bandwagon with a bunch of critics.  It is harder to find out the truth and make an intelligent judgment call and stand up for someone.  Relentless criticism can be devastating.

Looking for Shade

July 24, 2016


It is hot and trees are saviors this time of year on the Crystal Coast.

Did You Do This To Yourself?

July 14, 2016


Somehow I manage to get sweaty and dirty more than most.  Fortunately I have a patient wife.  It is part of life in the heat.

A Few Cows

July 10, 2016


Four decades ago, a few cows seemed like a good idea.