Some people live for their job, not me

My job almost destroyed me.  So I now live to be in, on, or around the water  For more on how I changed my life and where we have found a place to recover from corporate American, click the link or the picture.

Surf at the Point, Emerald Isle, NC
Surf at the Point, Emerald Isle, NC

How to work hard, have fun, and enjoy life

Working at home doesn’t not mean that you cannot escape work.  You enjoy life in a beautiful place on the water if you know the tricks and live in the right spot  #crystalcoast For more info, click the link or the picture.

Fog On The White Oak River
Fog On The White Oak River

I Am Hooked On Google+ Communities

Communities are big reason I’m growing fond of Google+  but there are several other reasons that I am giving Google+ more of my bandwidth. #google Read my article at ReadWriteWeb or even better if you are a Google+ user and interested in North Carolina’s Crystal Coast visit my Crystal Coast Community on Google+.

My Crystal Coast Life Community on Google+
My Crystal Coast Life Community on Google+

Beach shoe leather

beach shoe leatherThere was a time when sitting down on the beach would have been impossible for me.

I did not think that I had time to waste on a beach.

Today I believe that I am working harder than ever, yet I manage to take the time to relax by the water.

I think it has something to do with learning that how much you work has little to do with what you actually accomplish.

Relaxing by the water helps me clear my head these days.  I make time for it and for kayaking which works just as well.

In spite of all our technological advances most people have trouble figuring out what they need to do.

I recently got to watch an example. Someone made a mistake a few years ago that resulted in a problem recently.

Not surprisingly a lot of time was spent trying to figure out where to place the blame.

That is actually the most unproductive activity that you can have in a company.

What does it matter if everyone has Blackberry phones if they have a problem and spend four days assigning blame before it occurs to them to solve the problem?

Long ago I learned that mistakes happen. People rarely mean for them to happen. The best thing is to treat a mistake as a learning experience and immediately focus on solving the problem.

Because if you don’t solve the problem immediately, it will likely get worse.  By the time you turn your attention to it, the problem might not be fixable.

One of the main rules in our Apple federal group was that if you found a problem, what I expected was a solution not a post mortem on the situation.

All the technology in the world won’t replace common sense. And that is the way I see it from the beaches of North Carolina.

If a beach walk like this slide show can’t help you clear your head, then you are headed for trouble.