The paradox of the smart phone

Evening Sun
Evening Sun

I am one of the few Realtors® in my circle of friends who does not have a smart phone.

Having spent over twenty years in the world of technology, I probably know more about computers and technology than all of them put together.

Yet I choose not to have a smart phone.  Recently our management sent out a list of people who had leads which had been emailed to them and which still had not been handled over the last few months..

I was not on the list.  Nor was the person I regard as the least technological in my group of friends.  Yet many of the people on the list who had five or six leads still waiting for a response were people with smart phones.

Smart phones are supposed to keep you connected all the time and to make it easier to have instant responses.

I am not sure that I buy it.  I have had managers who lived by their smart phones and who were among the hardest managers to contact.  I have had managers who were barely computer literate and could be easily reached at any time.

How quickly you respond and how easy you are to reach have more to do with you character and your work habits than your technology.

I sometime think that people carrying smart phones use it as a prop to make them feel connected and possibly to appear to be responsive.

I recently got a Google Voice account.  Will it make it easier for people to reach me?  I think the answer is perhaps.  I am pretty easy to reach now.  I almost always have my cell phone with me except when I am in church.  About 98% of the time I will answer it, even if I  just tell you that I will call you back when I have time.

Would I be easier to reach with a smart phone?  I doubt it.  The odds of a critical email in the rare 3-6 hour period when I am away from the computer are probably very low.  I am rarely in an area without cell phone service.

Until I see more utility from smart phones, I doubt that I will worry about getting one.

I have seen very few times one would be useful, and even then the cost for the service far outweighs any benefits that I can imagine.

I am as connected as I plan to be.  If you have trouble reaching me, you are not trying very hard.

Of course I might be stuck in traffic on the Emerald Isle Bridge.

Author: ocracokewaves

An escapee from the world of selling technology, now living on North Carolina's Southern Outer Banks where life revolves around sun, sand, and water. I work at WideOpen Networks helping communities get fiber to their homes. In my spare time I am a photographer, writer, boater, fisherman, kayaker, swimmer, and walker of the beaches.

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