Our Modern Dark Age


If our country continues on this anti-knowledge, anti-reason path, the consequences will be dire. I do not plan to go quietly into the night as the country that science, reason, and technology built is torn apart to appease those who want to live in the past.  I have grandchildren and I want them to grow up in a world where truth and reason are revered not hated.  Read more

The Republican Party is messed up

What could be wrong with relying on “an uneasy coalition of Democrats and a few moderate Republicans to pass a bill to re-open the government?”  Isn’t government supposed to work that way? Read this Washington Post article for more  http://ow.ly/prJk1

Those Republicans who supposedly love the constitution should perhaps study it a little and learn the proper way to change a bill.

I guarantee you the Constitution does not tell you to change a bill you don’t like by closing down the government.  Even if you don’t like a bill that  was passed by both chambers, signed into law and has been ruled constitutional, you need to live with the law.  In a country where the rule of law is supposed to be important, you follow the law, not hold the government hostage in a temper tantrum.  It is just plain stupid.

Third Street Beach
Third Street Beach