Memories are like small towns along a highway

Looking back on our lives can be a valuable experience.
In some ways, memories are like small towns along a highway. You’re in the dark until all of sudden, you round a corner onto Main Street, where the memories are waiting for you like the inviting lights in a late-night diner.

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Beautiful Beach Waters Near Emerald Isle, NC
Beautiful Beach Waters Near Emerald Isle, NC

Our new book- A Taste for the Wild, Canada’s Maritimes

If you happen to know anything about me, you might know that I worked at Apple for twenty years.  That fact is prominent among other tidbits about my life in the tech world in my LinkIn profile.  If you have visited my homepage you might also know that I had a farm in Canada  for twenty years after graduating from Harvard.

Now there is a book, A Taste for the Wild, Canada’s Maritimes, about how I got from Harvard to Nova Scotia and eventually New Brunswick.  It also includes some insights on how New Brunswick has changed since we left there in 1984.

If you are thinking about visiting Canada’s Maritimes there is also some travel advice.  Best of all the Kindle Book is only $2.99 and includes the story of our honeymoon on the barrens of Newfoundland.  You can easily read the book on any electronic device or with a browser by using Amazon’s free e-reader software.